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Sensory experiences in the Little Dome

Partnering with the Architects of Air,  residents involved in the Imagine programme were able to experience first hand, a new sensory experience in The Little Dome.

The partnership began with a discussion with Kim Lucas at Architects of Air of how we might go about making their structures more accessible, particularly for older people. Kim therefore facilitated two sessions with participants at Radford Care Group and Sycamore House  to find out about what type of seating would work in the space.

A few weeks later we wanted the residents to experience the dome for themselves and located it inside the Harvey Hadden sports village which housed the dome in a warm, accessible space. Residents from The Oaks, Sycamore and Millbeck House and Radford Care Group came along to see musicians The Uke Box and Erhu (Chinese violin)  player, Freya perform in this wonderful space.

Audience members commented that…

“It was a good morning out!”

“It was a little weird inside the dome and felt like a massive camping tent, it was very good and the music sounded loud inside the dome”.

“Some people found it a little bit daunting at first, with the air lock and the darkness, but once inside and seated it was a different story”.

“One of our residents is visually impaired and was able to see the patterns on the ceiling, she thought it was wonderful”.

“The performers were amazing and had taken the time to get to know what music our residents liked and were able to talk to individuals during their performance.  The quality of the sound was magical and the choice of music/instruments (Chinese Erhu) was really unusual and atmospheric”.

“It was like being on a desert island”.