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What one word would you use to describe your thoughts in response to Your Recipe for Life? – patience, love, family and honesty.

This project strand began in 2016 with a series of exploratory workshops with four care homes in Nottingham, Sycamore and Millbeck Houses, Nottinghamshire Hospice and Park House. Writer, Matthew Pegg was commissioned to co-produce a puppetry theatre piece with care home residents. Puppetry experts and mentors Sean Myatt and Nenagh Watson also joined the team to provide residents with a varied range of experiences with different puppets and puppetry techniques. This process provided the team with a strong indication of what might work in a theatre piece. During this process some of the puppets prompted strong reactions amongst participants, from loving them to really disliking some of them. Music definitely had a really positive response and we thought that this would be essential f or inclusion in the final piece.

Popular themes started emerging from the workshops in terms of people’s own life experiences and fond memories of the seaside. This collaboration informed the writing stage of the project and a piece of theatre was developed reflecting people’s individual stories. Director Theresa Keogh was then brought in to work with three performers Melvyn Rawlinson, Laura Ryder and Liz Eves. Alison Duddle who has worked for Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company joined us as a designer and devised the set and puppets. These had to be adaptable, multi-faceted and compact in order to function in limited spaces as the show would be toured in care settings. Matt Marks wrote the musical score for the final production and Nick Morris supported with the production.

In September 2017 the outcome of all the hard work and resulted in a co-produced piece of theatre titled MRS BREWSTER MOVES HOUSE. It was also showcased during the Imagine conference in September and will go on to be performed to public audiences in the Spiegel Tent when it visits Old Market Square in Nottingham in 2017.


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