Live Streaming from the Royal Concert Hall

This project has been developed specifically for the Imagine programme in partnership with the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Notts TV, Spool Films and Confetti.  This partnership approach also offers longer term links with the rich cultural offer that venues can provide to more isolated communities in Nottingham City.

The Imagine programme is predominantly about the rights of older people in care to be entitled to opportunities to engage in high quality cultural activities and events within their local community. With this at the forefront of the programme, live streamed events in care homes allows residents to continue to enjoy and be part of these experiences and brings new experiences to people who might not have attended such events before.

Ingrid Jacoby’s piano concert, as part of the Royal Concert Halls Sunday Morning Piano series, was live streamed into Millbeck Care Home, the Abbeyfield Society. A broadcast like this as far as we know as not been done before into a care home and the pilot went very well. There was an air of expectation before the start and it was clear that this was going to be a special event at the care home. There was also slight nervousness before it started to ensure that all the technology worked.

At the start of the performance Neil Bennison, Music Programme Manager, welcomed Millbeck House to the concert and spoke to the audience about this exciting venture.

The event went smoothly and Betty, care home resident said at the end of the performance, “Today has meant a lot to me, especially as I am no longer able to attend events such as this. It was amazing that the pianist could remember all of her pieces – incredible! I would certainly welcome more events like this and with it being live you really felt part of something”.

There are now plans to develop this work further and another live streamed concert is planned in Spring 2016. Potentially, this service could be made available to care homes nationally. In the future, other kinds of streamed performances may also become possible as the project develops.


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