‘Create Yourself’ at Nottingham Contemporary

This strand of work has been developed specifically for the Imagine programme in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary. Since opening in 2009 Nottingham Contemporary has actively engaged older people with stimulating and innovative art activities. Through the projects older people are encouraged to push the boundaries of what they expected visual art to be.

In 2012 Nottingham Contemporary took part in a joint study with Dulwich Picture Gallery, Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Nottingham Medical School to explore the impact of viewing and making art on people with mild to moderate dementia and their carers. The results of this research programme were published in a paper; Viewing and making art together: a multi-session art-gallery-based intervention for people with dementia and their carer, 2013 by Paul M. Camic, Victoria Tischler and Chantal Helen Pearman. The paper concluded that ‘The interventions at both galleries helped to foster social inclusion and social engagement, enhance the caring relationship between the carers and PWD, support the personhood of PWD, and stimulate cognitive processes of attention and concentration’.

Nottingham Contemporary’s aim within the Imagine partnership project is to assist care homes in overcoming the barriers that can prevent older people from accessing excellent art. NC has therefore provided creative activities that are varied, stimulating and support older people in maintaining their individual identities as equal and valued members of society.

All workshops will use the exhibitions at NC as a source of inspiration. A methodology of looking, discussing, making and sharing will be promoted throughout the project. Older people attending the Grand Tour exhibition will be encouraged to develop and share their individual ideas through conversation and practical activities.