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Ben has been commissioned to produce a series of films that presented the stories of older people now living in care through the Imagine programme. The project has been created using 16mm film shot on the Bolex H16 and edited on a combination of non-linear editing software and the Steenbeck editing table, with the documentary audio recorded separately. These techniques give the films an old-fashioned feel, portraying the memories and experiences of the individuals filmed; both looking back to the past and in the here and now. Care home partners have included Radford Care Group, Church Farm at Skylarks and Sycamore House in Nottingham.

The films have been showcased as part of Light Night 2016 in Nottingham as part of an interactive window. The films were accessed via ‘Artcodes’ (illustrated QR codes). This is a new technology that allows users to interact with all decorative imagery and patterns. It is triggered using a smart phone with the Artcodes app. When users point the app at an image on the illustrated window at City Arts; the app led people to a specially designed website,  showcasing Ben’s films alongside work commissioned and produced by Graham Elstone and Mik Godley. Over 60 people accessed the app on the night.

The films have also been showcased at various national Arts and Dementia conferences linked to the project and in November 2016 will be shown at the The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing, in Sydney Australia. The films will also be shown to delegates in July 2017 as part of a conference planned to celebrate the Imagine programme’s achievements.

“The films are subtle metaphors portraying the individual lives and thoughts of those filmed. This is a stunning piece of work and leaves Imagine with a lasting legacy for friends, family members and audiences to enjoy.”

Kate Duncan, Creative Programme Manager at City Arts (Lead partner managing the Imagine Programme).


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