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Nottingham is committed to work to develop a vibrant city that offers all residents and communities  the opportunity to engage in and have cultural entitlement.   It is striving to become an age friendly city where all our older citizens are able to live fulfilled lives.  In 2014  older people came together to devise the twelve pledges that form Nottingham’s Older Citizen’s Charter to drive the work forward.  In particular through its participation in the WHO Age Friendly Cities initiative, the city has worked with others across the UK to improve participation in the arts by older residents.

The Imagine project is a key part of achieving our aims and contributes to the achievement of three of the pledges by

  • Promoting a positive image of ageing and challenging the assumption that older people cannot use technology and develop new skills
  • Reducing loneliness and isolation through the increased social contact and interaction that results from participation
  • Increasing the well-being of individuals who benefit both mentally and physically from participation in arts projects which have been shown to increase confidence and self-esteem.

We are proud to be partners in this project and have worked from the onset to oversee and deliver an arts programme that is new and innovative, challenging assumptions associated with older people especially those living in care.

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