Eastgate Care Homes

A warm welcome awaits when you enter any one of our 5 purpose built Nursing Homes in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. All of our Homes have modern facilities and experienced staff, ensuring quality care and comfort for all residents. Relatives and residents comments below encapsulate the offering from Eastgate Care.

Exemplary and proficient nature of staff ensconced in a culture of love and compassion, friendliness with an indefatigable indomitable attitude. Awesome. Maxine T

The staff have been very helpful and supportive towards me, helping me become independent again. The staff have become good friends to me, and work very hard. I will miss them all when I leave, but will definitely be visiting again to see them all. Lovely home clean and nice surroundings.

Imagine Arts Project

Musical Memories at Melbourne House

Musicians, memories and participation performances a great stimulation for Melbourne’s residents, definitely music for the mind. Listening to live music cannot be under estimated for its impact to trigger memory, enhanced by being able to participate in the music.

iPad Imagine at Park House

Access to creative programmes on the iPad, assistance from activities and care staff, with residents creativity and a finished output for display, opening up the interactive possibilities for art in care homes.

What makes it special to work with older people in care?

It’s about making life more comfortable and pleasurable for our older people’ In addition to physical caring for our residents, we provide daily stimulation by communicating directly, this is very important to all of us in everyday life. The arts provide an extra angle of interaction and can stimulate additional forms of communication, it can involve everybody in the home.

Everyone from the top management to the junior staff have always shown her the love and care she had not had for years. You made her feel part of a big happy family

Imagine a vast access to a wide range of creative programmes from design and photography to filming and music, this is what the iPad has to offer.

‘The flower arranging activity was especially popular and residents enjoyed taking their finished item to display in their rooms. The little decorative birds used in the arrangements have created a lasting impression’

Residents liked an end result, such as a ‘printed’ output and that an exhibition of the work created an even more positive outcome for the individuals involved.

I believe some of the images attached show how artistic interaction can really enhance daily life at the care homes, giving pleasure and satisfaction to individuals, making them feel content and valued.

Madeleine on the tambourine at 102 shows that life is worth living and participating in!