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Light Night 2016 showcases innovative artwork co-produced by residents

‘Frost in the Window’

Many components have come together that have been specifically commissioned this year for Nottingham’s Light Night as part of Imagine programme. It is important to take work co-produced by the residents engaged in Imagine into public spaces in order to widen the audiences, promoting this thought-provoking artwork. This work was created with residents from Sycamore House and The Oaks, and visitors to Radford Care Group, realising a  6 by 12ft interactive installation in the window of City Arts’ Hockley premises.

Members of the public can touch areas of artist Joe Pick’s huge illustration to trigger recorded memories. Recollections of “real lions in the Market Square” are amongst some of the memories shared. These touch sensitive buttons are powered by conductive paint linked to a sound board. The artwork incorporates a projected stop motion animation, created by artist Graham Elstone and care home residents, and Mik Godley’s portraits, produced with the Brushes app for iPad.

Using the Artcodes app for iOS and Android, developed by the University of Nottingham, people can scan areas of the artwork to launch a series of stunning films by Nottingham filmmaker Ben Wigley. Filmed on a vintage Bolex camera, the short videos reveal the moving life stories of six Nottingham care home residents.

Project Manager, Kate Duncan, said:

“This amazing art installation, created in collaboration with Nottingham care home residents, shows that no matter what your age you can create exciting and innovative art. We are delighted to be able to share it with the public and hope the residents are pleased with the final result.”

Comment from the Activity Co-ordinator at The Oaks:

“Our citizens were very proud of witnessing the work that they had completed with Graham at your window and said it gave them ‘a sense of achievement.”