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Liberation of Colour


Care homes Melbourne and Sycamore House’s have been involved in a series of visual arts and print-making workshops led by Lakeside Arts as part of the Open Arts Forum Programme of work through Imagine. Artists Jane Stockley and Sian Watson brought their own unique styles and skills to work with participants over three sessions each to explore and gain inspiration from artworks created by Winifred Nicholson (1893 – 5 March 1981). She painted prolifically throughout her life, predominately at home and also on trips to Italy, Greece and Scotland, among other places. She had a lifelong fascination for rainbow and spectrum colours and in the 1970s she made particularly strong, innovative use of such colours in many of her paintings. She left some written accounts of her thoughts on colour.

β€œThe nature of abstract colour is utter purity – but colours wish to fly, to merge, to change each other by their juxtapositions, to radiate, to shine, to withdraw deep
within themselves.”

In May the participants involved in the project were able to visit Lakeside Arts to see the Liberation of Colour exhibition currently showing a range of her greatest artworks.