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Exciting new puppet commissioned for Light Night 2016

Last year the Imagine programme introduced puppetry elements to residents facilitated by Tony Mason. This is a theme that worked well, particularly as it uses non-verbal communication as an interaction with residents. It was felt that this artform could be explored more this year and taster sessions have started this quarter at Nottinghamshire Hospice, Melbourne and Millbeck House.

Amanda Smith, storyteller and artist/maker Jess Kemp delivered collaborative sessions over three consecutive days with residents. The workshops included storytelling and performance that engaged all of the residents in the lounge areas and then more individualised experiences followed. This provided a great way to open up conversations with people and also to tell stories to residents that were non-verbal.

In December 2015 Tony Mason completed a short residency at City Arts (assisted by artists Jess Kemp and Ruth Boston) based upon the storytelling and puppetry sessions facilitated by Jess Kemp and Amanda Smith. As a result we have started building an exciting new puppet that will feature at this year’s Light Night Event.