Nottingham Armchair Gallery: Art, Technology and Older People

We can’t all get to the gallery …

Created by City Arts (Nottingham), Armchair Gallery is a forthcoming app for iOS and Android. The app brings world-class art and culture into the home and is designed specifically for older people.

Led by experienced artist Claire Ford, this training offers a first look at the Armchair Gallery app. You’ll learn how to run creative art sessions for older people, including people living with dementia, using the app as part of our specially devised workshop model.

This training will cover:

  • A preview of the Armchair Gallery app – which offers virtual tours of seven world class cultural venues
  • Using art and heritage artefacts to inspire and engage older people with dementia
  • Practical advice on using iPads or Android tablets with older people
  • Using the ‘Timeslips’ method as part of a creative workshop
  • The importance of multi-sensory exploration, and how to address all five senses in your workshops

Cost £25 (lunch provided)

Suitable for health providers, care staff and creative practitioners working in a range of settings.


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