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‘Create Yourself’ with Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary has facilitated five workshop sessions that have taken place at their venue. The sessions have consisted of a series of practical offers both to explore creative ideas and also opportunities for the activity co-ordinators to expand upon their own arts practice within residential care settings.  Based on their learning during the programme,  each activity co-ordinator facilitated unique sessions with residents in their own care settings.

Within the offer from Nottingham Contemporary a trip was organised that included Sycamore and Millbeck House care homes. The residents hadn’t met one another before and really enjoyed viewing The Grand Tour exhibition by Pablo Bronstein. The artist selected 62 works of fine and decorative art into Nottingham Contemporary; Chatsworth’s largest UK loan for 30 years.

On talking to the residents and activity co-ordinators, they had all had enjoyed the visit and felt that it had been something special. Betty from Millbeck, who is very active in all that we offer, commented on how comfortable and at home she felt as this was the type of thing that she used to doing in the past.
“I thought the visit went well on the whole and they enjoyed the gallery and looking at the exhibition. Everybody had good discussion in their pairs.
The creative making workshop went well also and it seemed that a lot of participants were proud of what they had achieved.

The idea, to create the display plinth or box for an object, worked well and showed their individuality. At the end we shared our results and that worked well to celebrate each other and have people commenting on others’ work”.Jo Dacombe – Associate Artist