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Artist Mik Godley creates stunning iPad portraits of older people

Artist Mik Godley has been commissioned as part of the Imagine – arts and older people’s programme to produce a series of stunning portraits of older people from Nottingham who are involved in the programme. The artwork has been created using the Brushes App on an iPad. The portraits capture the distinct personalities of each subject and leaves us with a lasting legacy from the project, enjoyed by the viewer, but most significantly for the individuals involved, their family members and friends.

The portraits lead on from the portraits commissioned for Light Night 2016 and this time explore colour.

The portraits featured at the National Tandem Arts and Dementia: research into practice conference.

Godley has become one of the best, and best known, exponents of drawing using iPhone and iPad apps in the region and this work ably demonstrates that his drawing talent is just as expressive on a screen as it is on paper or canvas.

Mark Patterson, Nottingham Post