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Armchair Gallery is Live!

After a very busy year we are pleased to announce that Armchair Gallery can now be downloaded from here.

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Nottingham-based charity City Arts created the app with the aim of breaking down barriers that old age and dementia present to visiting galleries and museums. With special features for people living with dementia, Armchair Gallery offers care home residents a chance to enjoy some of the UK’s greatest cultural collections.

During its development it has been used extensively in care settings across Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. At every stage user feedback guided the app’s design. Whilst it can be enjoyed alone, Armchair Gallery also shines when used as part of group workshops. The app is packaged with a detailed set of tried-and-tested instructions for creative activities that families or care staff can run with the people they care for.

Dementia Information Officer Amy Hiscock has used Armchair Gallery with the members of her ‘Making Memories’ group in Newark, Nottinghamshire. She believes it can give users a great experience of a gallery and museum without the stress and worry that real life visits can cause people with dementia.

“Armchair Gallery allows my group to experience things in a way and a style that works better for them, with the added reassurance that they are in a familiar environment, that doesn’t have any access barriers and where they will feel safe to react and explore without being judged.”

Tablet technology has proven very successful with the app’s users. Kate Duncan, Programme Director – Wellbeing at City Arts and manager of the Armchair Gallery project, explained:

“Tablets are lightweight and very portable which allows care staff and artists working in care homes to tailor the use of the app according to the individual needs of people using it. Some people use the iPad on their own. Those who need more support can use it with a member of staff. We have also designed the app’s content and activities to suit a range of different need and abilities.”

Armchair Gallery’s development has been funded by the Nominet Trust and The Baring Foundation through their Digital Arts & Creative Ageing fund. It is available as a free download for iOS on the Apple App Store. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store.